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Chimney Repair

We offer your complete chimney repair service.  All services from dampers, tuck pointing, cracked or missing bricks to a complete chimney rebuild!

Flashing & Pointing

We repair any leaks caused by cracked or missing masonry.  Also, we repair or replace flashing to prevent leaks into your roof.

Chimney Cleaning

We will inspect and clean your gas or fireplace chimney. A dirty chimney is a safety hazard.

We will clean your entire chimney. This includes the firebox, damper and smoke chamber.

Chimney Lining

We can install a chimney reliner for you.  This will prevent carbon monoxide from leaking back into your home due to cracks in your chimney.  This will also stop moisture from working through the chimney that can damage your home.

Chimney Caps

We install our top quality stainless steel caps, which prevent rain, snow, leaves, animals and other dangerous materials from collecting in your chimney.

Brickwork and Masonry

We also do general brickwork and masonry.  We will repair or replace damaged bricks or mortar in porches and housing.

Roof Repair

We fix leaks caused by rain or ice damage, missing shingles, gutters and downspouts.